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Global Travel Rule Introduction


The GTR (Global Travel Rule) solution was created in 2022 to provide a compliance infrastructure and system for Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs). GTR's mission is to pave the way for a unified blockchain security channel for customers and VASPs. The GTR follows the recommendations of the FATF, it allows disclosing of hand picked customer data when needed by and as required once a specific threshold has been met.


The GTR (Global Travel Rule) solution strives to see the next horizon as a field where security, data protection, and regulatory frameworks are prioritized and to be known as a built-in solution in every product the Global Travel Rule creates. It is in its vision to protect and make crypto asset transactions safe.

Core Values

  • Global Competence - The GTR aims to exceed global needs for VASPs travel rule, following the recommendation of the FATF.
  • Security - The GTR provides a secure channel for its VASP client and assures that crypto assets and blockchain transactions are secured.
  • Seamless - The GTR assures seamless integration of its modules, the easiest integration model globally.
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